The Logic of Humanitarian Arms Control and Disarmament: A Power-Analytical Approach

by Nik Hynek and Anzhelika Solovyeva


This book examines and disaggregates, theoretically and empirically, operations of power in six international security regimes.



Chapter 1. Theorizing International Security Regimes: From Three Waves of ‘Isms’ to the Power-Analytical Approach

Chapter 2. The 19th Century Security Regime Complex

Chapter 3. From Landmines to Cluster Munitions: Resurfacing and Spill-Over of Transhistorical Humanitarian Disarmament

Chapter 4. Small Arms and Light Weapons: From Humanitarian Disarmament to Arms Trade Treaty

Chapter 5. Humanitarianism Meets Nuclear Arms Control

Chapter 6. On the Verge of Change? ‘Killer Robots’ and Security Regulation








Nik Hynek and Anzhelika Solovyeva have breathed new life into the subject of regimes by bringing to the fore the different kinds of power. The applications to a range of security and humanitarian regimes are fascinating, penetrating, and challenge prevailing views.


– Robert Jervis

Professor at Saltzman Institute of War and Peace at Columbia University in New York, the USA, and Author of How Statesmen Think (Princeton University Press, 2017).



A theoretical, rich account of humanitarian disarmament regimes that challenges the naive optimism of their proponents, coupled with a sophisticated account of the complex power dynamics at work in seemingly progressive arms control policies and practices.


– Keith Krause

Professor at Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, and Programme Director of Small Arms Survey.




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