Security Order

The centre’s research project  on security order aims to ascertain impacts of recent technological innovations on the social realm in connections to security governance and management.

More specifically, the project intends to analyse how the usage of the technologies, or contestation over such usages, impact on the production of security, mainly in the form of establishment of regimes of control. To do so, we argue it is also important to scrutinize the often overlooked processes in which the social and political relations shape the very design of the new technologies as the technologies subsequently influences the social realm. As such, the project challenges the social/natural/technical science divides, calling for a greater need for inter-scientific study of the influence that the technology has on human-driven, normative governmentalities. The presence of normative dilemmas, political contestation and the (potential) establishment of regime of control justify specific cases which can be taken into account and which may range from killer robots to artificial bacteria, different types of surveillance or outer space systems.

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