The Security Sector Symposium in Prague

The Security Sector Symposium is a new collaborative effort among universities, focusing this time on the security industry.
Date: 10/4/2020 Author: Julie Matesová

This snowy December saw a two day Security Sector Symposium happening in the heart of Prague. The event brought together IMISISS staff and Security Distillery Think Tank students and represents a new collaborative effort among Charles University, the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University, the University of Trento, and OTH Regensburg.

The main focus of this symposium was to bring together students and experts from the security field. This meant that a student led panel discussion was the center of the symposium and was then accompanied by a networking event. Over the course of two days, a range of topics were discussed concerning the security industry and environmental security.

Periculum members Petr Špelda and Vít Střítecký led the staff presentations with their take on The Future of Human-Artificial Intelligence Nexus and its Environmental Costs.