Periculum’s December Lecture – AI and the Anthropocene

Periculum & Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences would like to warmly invite you to a public lecture by Prof. David Chandler entitled "AI and the Anthropocene"
Date: 28/11/2018 Author: Tomáš Karásek

The lecture will take place at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Hollar building, room no. 212, on Monday, December 3, from 17:00.



The Anthropocene (exemplified in anthropogenic global warming and climate change) is often understood as ending the divide between humans (as knowing actors and agents) and nature (as a passive object to be known – as the background, or stage, for our actions). This lecture looks at how AI can be used to engage in a world increasingly conceived to be complex, unpredictable and unknowable. The key focus of the talk will be on the application of AI as a technology of ‘sensing’ (considering the role of Big Data and the Internet of Things) and how, in this framework, correlation is seen to be more important than the understanding of causality.