Emil Aslan Souleimanov

Emil Aslan (Souleimanov) is associate professor at the Department of Security Studies, Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Science Charles University. He is a graduate of Charles University (M.A. in International Relations in 2001 and Ph.D. in International Relations in 2005) and Peter the Great Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University (LL.M. in 2004). His interest is in the theory and practice of irregular and asymmetric conflict, namely in (counter)insurgency, (counter)terrorism, and civil war, with focus on the micro-dynamic of violence and radicalization. An expert on the political ethnography of armed conflict, he has conducted extensive fieldwork in the midst of Europe’s Muslim diaspora communnities; among eyewitnesses of civil wars and former insurgents, as well as among members of Salafi groups. His current work looks into how socio-cultural factors, neglected in the extant research on civil wars and insurgencies, shape the social fabric of violence, most importantly, violent mobilization and pro-insurgent support.

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