David Chandler

David Chandler is Professor of International Relations. He was the founding editor of the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding and currently edits the journal Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses. He also edits two Routledge book series, Studies in Resilience and Advances in Democratic Theory. His research interests focus on analysis of policy interventions in the international arena, including humanitarianism, statebuilding and the promotion of resilience. He is also interested in contemporary theories challenging the anthropocentrism of modernist thought, particularly in relation to the Anthropocene, the ontopolitics of critique and new technologies, including algorithmic governance, sensorial assemblages and Big Data. He is a major authority in his field and has published around 20 books (authored and edited) and around 200 chapters and journal articles. His most recent monographs are: Ontopolitics in the Anthropocene: An Introduction to Mapping, Sensing and Hacking (Routledge, 2018); Peacebuilding: The Twenty Years’ Crisis, 1997-2017 (Palgrave, 2017); The Neoliberal Subject: Resilience, Adaptation and Vulnerability (with Julian Reid) (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) and Resilience: The Governance of Complexity¬†(Routledge, 2014).


At the moment, he is a Visiting Senior Researcher at Periculum & Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.