Artificial Inteligence

The centre’s research project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) pursues synthesising machine learning research with philosophical expositions related to AI.

While a sustained dialog remains difficult, as disciplinary allegiances interrupt the exchange of ideas, the project intends to enter the unexplored territory by developing a series of constituent syntheses laying ground for a structurally sound interconnection. Comprising epistemological issues such as reliability of inductive reasoning or the nature of modal knowledge the syntheses converge onto larger philosophy of science conundrums as they meet their counterparts within the field of artificial representation learning, and presently Deep Learning in particular. Informing the AI’s exposition by the synthesis of machine learning with long standing epistemological issues offers insights into related subjects as well, including topics such as security concerns over AI itself. Most pertinently, however, the synthesis provides a forward looking middle way entailing philosophy and machine learning into one whole avoiding reductionisms of its parts as to what we might expect of AI in the future.

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